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¡¡¡¡The Orient Lucky City is one of the largest comprehensive projects of Orient Lucky Horse Industry (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. Its space floor is more than 1,000,000m2. The project consists of more than 10 items ranging from traveling, commerce to real-estate, involving the leading horse-racing industry items (such as the international horse racing course, horse racing club, China Horse-racing Academy and horse-racing exhibition hall) , five-star international convention center hotel, extremely luxury residence, high-grade apartment, intelligent business buildings, commercial square, business street, construction material & furniture supermarket and automobile expo centre. Its total investment surpasses 200 million US dollars. The International Horse-racing course, which is the leading item of the project, is the sole horse-racing course in conformity to the international standard in Central China. It has now set up a sandy racing track of 1620m in circumference by 28m in width conforming to the international standard and a horsemanship square. It is equipped with a large variety of apparatus for speed race and horsemanship exercises available for all speed race and horsemanship events nationally and internationally. Its central square has an area of approximate 120,000m2, the multi-functional square is able to accommodate much more than 10,000 persons. Its first-stage construction was put into operation in 2003. It was listed as the first horsemanship and speed racing training center by China national sports bureau in 2004 and was listed as the training center for all Beijing Olympiad participants. The once-a-year ¡°China Wuhan International Horse-racing Festival¡± and nation-wide speed race and annual open of ¡°China¡¯s Super Horse Race¡± are held here. The monthly conventional horse-race is due to be held here from 2005 on.

¡¡¡¡The Orient Lucky City is one of the important construction projects of Hubei Province and Wuhan City. It¡¯s located in the dragon head section of Gold-Silver Lake area of Wuhan city. Ajecent to the new Central Business District, It occupies a very convenient communication rendezvous of the express highway to the air port and Golden Hill Avenue. There is only 5 to 15 minutes drive to Wuhan commercial center, Hankou Railway Station and Tienhe International Airport. Furthermore, the planned subway is not far away from here. The district in which the Orient Lucky City lies is the state-level vegetation protection sample area with very wonderful lake scene. Its natural environment is beautiful. Owing to its sophisticated foundational facilities and excellent commercial environment, it is the guarantee for foreign investment. It is also the exclusive area for real-estate development in Wuhan, abstracting many powerful business investors from home and abroad. The four industrial functions of Orient Lucky City obtain mutual compensation, its customers get to mutual motion and finally mutual availability of facilities. Meantime, It offers offices for Hubei Horsemanship Association, Wuhan Horsemanship Association, Wuhan Horse-racing Club, China¡¯s Horse-racing Lotto Study Center and Headquarters of Orient Lucky Horse (Wuhan) Group Corporation. It is the brand-new platform for technical exchange in international horse-race sports and commercial co-operation both in Hubei Province and Wuhan City.